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A new kind of technical conference and trade show, developed for and by the
high-frequency/high-speed electronics industry and Microwave Journal China.

EDI CON brings together leading RF, microwave, high-speed analog and mixed signal components, semiconductor, test and measurement equipment, materials and packaging, EDA/CAD and system solution providers in the exhibition.  Unlike other shows with a separate more academic focused conference, EDI CON has industrial and technology leaders delivering most of the technical sessions, workshops and panels so that the exhibition is closely coupled with the conference.  This makes the exhibition an extension of the technical conference where attendees can learn first-hand about products and services that offer practical solutions to their problems. Register Today

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Test and Measurement Equipment Vendors

Vendors in this category offer a variety of general purpose and dedicated test equipment solutions for research and development through high-volume production test. These leading manufacturers offer high-performance and cost-effective products ranging from RF/microwave signal generators, spectrum and signal analyzers, real-time oscilloscopes, multi-domain analyzers, vector and scalar network analyzers and much more.

Exhibiting/Sponsoring Vendors include:
Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, CETC41, National Instruments, Anritsu, Tektronix, LeCroy, Mini-Circuits

Test Systems and Specialized Test Solution Vendors

These vendors offer solutions for highly specialized testing and characterization of high-frequency/high-speed digital components and system-level verification. Due to the complex and specialized nature of these test systems/solutions, these vendors are the world’s leading experts in measurement techniques and technology, partnering with a variety of test equipment manufacturers to offer the optimum performance, accuracy and reliability.

Nonlinear Device Characterization and Load-pull systems  – Focus Microwave, Maury Microwave
Communication Testing – Microwave Vision Group, Keysight Technologies, Emscan, Rohde & Schwarz, National Instruments

RF, Microwave and High-Speed Digital EDA Software for circuit, system and electromagnetic simulation.

These software vendors offer the world’s leading technology for simulating the effects of high-frequency electronics and interconnecting signal paths operating at high data rates. Integrating sophisticated design environments supporting electrical and physical (layout) design entry with circuit and system simulation and electromagnetic analysis, these software products are critical in the design of RF, microwave and high-speed digital components and systems.

EDA Vendors include - AWR, Keysight Technologies, COMSOL, EMSS, ANSYS, CST

Semiconductor Foundry Services and Device Manufacturers

Semiconductor technology is at the heart of all RF, microwave and high speed digital electronics and these vendors are leaders in Silicon (RF CMOS) and Compound Semiconductors (GaAs, GaN and SiGe) foundry services and integrated device manufacturing.  These vendors will be on hand to discuss the state of their process technologies, performance metrics, design support, and more.

Semiconductor Foundries and IDMs include  - Win Semiconductor, OMMIC/ERA, Peregrine, Mini-Circuits, MA-COM, Freescale


Cable Assembly and Connector vendors include - Times Microwave, Insulated Wire (JHT), Gore, Huber & Suhner, Radiall, Mitron

Components and Component/IDM Representatives

Manufacturer representatives offer a wide range of product lines from many of the industry’s leading device manufacturers.  With today’s complex design requirements, these representatives are also staffed with knowledgeable technical experts providing direct and practical field support for their customer’s most challenging wireless design applications.

Arrow RF and Power (Freescale, Qorvo, Empower RF, MACOM), Sanetronic (Miteq, Cree), Sekorm (Avago, Infineon), TECT (Relcomm Technologies, Pulsar Microwave, Mass Bay Technologies, Piconics, Weinschel Associates), JHT( Insulated Wire), Mitron (Mini-Circuits), EMC/Florida RF Labs

Materials and Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), surface mount components and PCB milling technology are critical mediums and methods for realizing high-frequency circuits and sub-systems. Considerable design effort must be paid to the types of materials used, the high-frequency properties of such material and the manufacturing and prototype options available to designers. These vendors are leaders in PCB materials, high power terminations and power splitters/combiners and PCB prototype milling systems.

Materials and Manufacturing - Rogers Corporation, EMC/Florida RF Labs, Taconic, Arlon, Park Electrochemical, Isola