Lead Retrieval Information


Info Salons, a world leading IT Service Company for the exhibition industry, is pleased to offer exhibitors at EDICON CHINA 2017, a sales lead tracking and management utility. The Info Lead service combines a world-class mobile tracker with web based leads retrieval system allowing you to create a lead database from all your buyer interactions at the show.

Complete Lead Generation

Collect more from your potential clients than a simple name card. This tracking service allows you access to information from registration questionnaires, as well as all the crucial business contact information for each of your leads.

Why use a Info Lead Tracker?

  • Using the Info Lead Tracker can record each person who will come to your booth.
  • Records all information of the critical clients, including telephone, fax, mobile, email, etc.
  • Critical clients might not bring their business cards or will not be willing to provide personal information. Never miss a potential clients by using Info Lead.
  • A limited number of sales people at your booth is another way to lose potential clients. Using Info Lead will give you the opportunity to track any person who comes to your booth, so you can contact him/her after the show.
  • Saves all contact information key-in time. An Excel report will be sent to you after the exhibition.
  • Customizable to meet all your needs.

Info Salons provide fixed qualifiers for you to define the clients, such as the importance level, contacting emergency, sales person etc.

Additional Service

  • A free, brief report will be sent one working day after the show.
  • Professional trained staff in your booth. USD 150/person/day.

Cost: USD 500/tracker of the show
Deadline to Order: April 7, 2017

Form located on page 22 of the Exhibitor Manual.
Click Here to access the Exhibitor Manual

For more information, please contact: Info Salons China
Tel: +86-21-5134 8925
Fax:+86-21-5134 8919
Email: infolead@infosalons.com.cn