Organized by:
Horizon House Publishing
ACT International
Official Publication:
Microwave Journal
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Interference Technology

A new kind of technical conference and trade show, developed for and by the
high-frequency/high-speed electronics industry and Microwave Journal China.


These sessions feature a discussion on specific topics by a panel of experts led by a moderator with interaction from audience members. Each session will include panelists recognized for their expertise in their respective fields. Each panelist will give a brief overview of their position on the challenges and potential solutions impacting a specific technology or application.
Panel themes mirror the tracks of the technical sessions with an emphasis on Design, measurement/simulation/modeling and system engineering. This year’s panel sessions include:

  • GaN Panel
  • sponsored by Richardson RFPD
  • MIMO OTA Test Panel
  • Sponsored by Spirent Communications
  • EDA Design Flow Panel
  • Featuring Agilent Technologies, AWR, ANSYS, CST
  • Aligning RF semiconductor technology to end-use applications
  • Featuring OMMIC, Peregrine Semiconductor, TriQuint Semiconductor, Freescale
  • Trends in future telecommunications systems and their engineering challenges
  • Moderated by Guangyi Liu, Chief Research Scientist - China Mobile Research Institute


Workshops provide a forum for industry practitioners to share information on specific challenging and emerging topics related to high-frequency/high-speed electronic design. Workshop sponsors are responsible for developing the content according to the guidelines set by the EDI CON organizers. Workshops are an interactive experience, allowing extra time for audience questions and participation, which may include demonstrations and opportunities to work with design software and/or measurement equipment.
Workshops in development include:

100nm GaN/Si technology for mmW applications - ERA/OMMIC Workshop WS_WE202
ANSYS Workshop WS_WE304
Breaking the Kilo-Watt GaN boundary - MACOM Workshop WS_TU301
COMSOL Workshop WS_WE403
CREE GaN HEMT modeling and Class F Power Amplifier Design (parts 1 and 2) - AWR/CREE Workshop WS_WE301
Digital Pre-distortion NI Workshop WS_TU103
EM Design - AWR Workshop WS_TH101
EMSS Workshop WS_TU304
Enabling the TD-LTE Rollout - Freescale Workshop WS_TU201
GaN and Hybrid Power Amplifier Technology Road Map - RFHIC Workshop WS_WE201
Implementing design in an EDA framework - NI/AWR Workshop WS_WE204
Integration of system design software and measurement instruments for fast protyping - Agilent Workshop WS_WE402
MIMO Antenna System Simulation - CST Workshop WS_TU204
MIMO OTA Channel Validation WS_TU104
On-Wafer Broadband Device Characterization to 110 GHz - Anritsu Workshop WS_TU202
Radar simulation and design - Agilent Workshop WS_TH104
RF Semiconductor MOSIS and DYNAX Workshop WS_TH102
Analysis of RADAR pulses with 500 MHz analysis bandwidth and real-time spectrum analysis - Rohde & Schwarz 2 - Workshop WS_TH103
The accurate and effective measurement of power amplifiers during the design phase - Rohde & Schwarz Workshop 1 WS_TU102
Signal Monitoring and Spectrum analysis - Agilent Workshop WS_WE103
Simplifying the RF Signal Chain: UltraCMOS Technology complementary to GaN - Peregrine Workshop WS_WE102
Simulation and Measurement: Complementary Design Tools - CST Workshop WS_WE104
TBD - Mini-circuits Workshop WS_TU203
Understanding Wireless Transmitter/receiver Metrics - NI Workshop WS_TU303
Vector-Receiver Load Pull - Maury workshop WS_TU302