Health and Safety

Statement of Health and Safety from EDICON China Event Management

The event management team of EDI CON CHINA is working to ensure the safety of our attendees and exhibitors during the time of global concerns over coronavirus.  As such, we will comply with all local restrictions, as well as encourage social distancing with spacing between seated attendees and providing hand sanitizer in conference rooms and other areas of the event. Please see the below statement from CNCC, the event venue.

Statement of Health and Safety from CNCC

Beijing is the capital of China, and CNCC is the highest and most important exhibition venue in Beijing. According to government requirements and internal regulations, CNCC will regularly conduct disinfection, ventilation and personnel protection training, disinfection and management of central air-conditioning in the venue and at all booths. During disinfection and construction/dismantling of the exhibition, the handover of staff will be arranged in an orderly manner to avoid cluster construction.

Health monitoring. CNCC has implemented a monitoring system for taking employee body temperatures and will use the “Beijing Healthkit” to implement the “green code” induction system. CNCC employees will not be allowed to go to work if they are sick or showing symptoms like fever and dry cough. All attendees and guests will have their temperature taken at the CNCC entrance compulsively. So far this policy is mandatory in CNCC.

Underground garage. The garage will be cleaned and disinfected daily. High touch areas such as elevator and parking buttons will be disinfected multiple times during the day.

Escalator and van elevator. The ground and sidewalls of the elevator will be kept clean, and an appropriate distance should be kept by passengers when riding the van. Wearing masks is recommended. Elevator buttons, escalator handrails, and other frequently contacted areas will be regularly disinfected according to passenger flow.

Bathroom. CNCC will keep bathroom air circulating, regular daily sanitary cleaning, provide hand sanitizer, keep the ground and walls clean, clean up garbage timely, keep the sinks clear of dirt, and monitor accumulation of fecal matter in the urinals. Bathrooms will be kept clean and dry.

Garbage collection areas. Waste will be sorted appropriately, with special trash cans for mask disposal. Clean up and transporting all garbage will be done promptly.

After the government opens the exhibition at the CNCC, we promise effective and professional service during our event with special focus on safety and health. Please feel safe to participate in the exhibition and meetings during EDICON.