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Here are tools and resources to help make your exhibit a success. Check back often as we will continue to update the page with more information for the 2024 event as it becomes available.

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Tips for a Successful EDI CON Workshop

An EDI CON 30-minute workshop is an opportunity for you to showcase your company’s expertise in using your tools or understanding a technology. The best workshops are educational and interactive, not promotional. Your presentation will be better attended and liked by attendees if you teach them a specific methodology or about a new technology or design technique. A good workshop is not a “features, advantages, benefits” presentation about your products (You can invite them to your booth to do that). This is a chance to educate EDI CON attendees on applications and innovations that can help them with their designs or solve test/measurement challenges. Your product can be used in the examples given, but should not be the focus of the workshop. If you establish yourself as an educational resource, engineers will come to you with their problems and challenges where your products can be used as the solution.

Here are some tips to a successful workshop:


Workshop Title Examples:

Good: Measure Motor Performance with Power Analyzers and Oscilloscopes
Bad: The RX54Z Novel Power Analyzer Functionality

Good: Design and Optimize a High Power Amplifier
Bad: New Features of XYZ Software Version 4.0

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