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Gwave has been in the microwave connector and cable assembly industry for 10 years with a wide range of innovative products like low loss phase stable cable assemblies, high performance PCB board connectors and phase matched millimeter cable groups.The customers range from scientific research institutions such as aerospace and military industry, to laboratory testing and measurement, and to commercial customers such as photoelectric communication. Gwave has a lot of design practice experience and engineering know-how. In these customization project which represent the industry’s most challenging demands, Gwave has realized that not only a good hardware support is important, but also a professional technical and service team are required. A good hardware support, including the complete test equipment, sophisticated machining CNC equipment and precision testing equipment, can provide good product guarantee. Meanwhile, professional technical and service team can communicate with customer efficiently and respond to customer quickly. In addition, the forward-looking products and excellent quality are the basis of our foothold in microwave industry. Our company have gotten the GJB and ISO quality system certification for many years. What’s more, another important reason why customers choose Gwave’s products again and again is our company culture. Gwave adhere to the western philosophy of service, transparency, integrity and integrity. With the passion and initiative of the Chinese nation, our company have formed our own unique and sustainable company culture.