SAGE Millimeter, Incorporated

Booth 215
3043 Kashiwa Street, Torrance, CA 90505, USA
Phone: 424-757-0168

SAGE Millimeter, Inc. (SAGE) is a U.S. high technology company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of stan¬dard and custom millimeterwave component and subassemblies. SAGE’s products cover the frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz and comprises antennas, amplifiers, oscillators, switches, sensors, systems, passive wave¬guide components, test instruments, and others. Applications are in the aerospace, communications, radar, traffic management, medical, security industries. In recent years, SAGE products also help emerging technol¬ogies related to 5G, IoT, WiGig, UAVs, and driver-less cars.